Wizard Nal

All it takes is a decision, a pure heart, a sincere intention, and I believe that miracles will begin to happen to you as well.

Get to know the magic in you

I am a magician at heart and I believe in miracles. I believe in the beauties of life and act in harmony with Mother Earth and her processes.

My philosophy

Life is a process in which we learn about ourselves. If an individual is aware of himself, his spiritual gifts and invites a touch of magic into his circumstances, miracles happen.

My approach

Therefore, it is my intention to show you that you are also a part of these miracles.

wizard nal



Dream interpretation


Heart compass


Insight into gypsy maps


Soul code


Harmony of love


Energy cleaning of premises



Do you have a challenge or do you face an obstacle and you are interested in what a certain circumstance brings you? Ask yourself a very clear question and I offer you free messages.

Animal guides give you a free answer to a question.


Do you ever wonder why certain animals come against you? Where does such a strong connection with the brightest energies come from? Why do animals teach us about ourselves through their presence?

Free insight is general in nature and cannot be compared to individual insight into your circumstances. For personal advice or via e-mail (which is payable), subscribe to info@carovnik-nal.si and I will be happy to find answers and guidelines for you.

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