Everything we do is magic. Everything we do with our hearts is attributed to this invisible but powerful force called magic. Surrounded by mystique, it opens doors to worlds of magical insights. In the past, the prevailing mentality was that it was only a select few who had these abilities. But let me tell you that each and every one of you is very special and has this kind of ability, this mysterious power to manage an extraordinary energy to read probability records.

It was once in the area of Egypt when these remarkable beauties were first born. There is still no information who first brought them to this beautiful planet and that is why they are so special and carry mystique. They then continued their journey around the world and their knowledge was passed on to individuals who felt a strong connection to gypsy cards. The cards themselves look very simple and gentle, which they are. However, it is necessary to get to know them better, delve into them and study every detail on an individual map. For every little thing carries a key message and a clear purpose. Their beauty is breathtaking just like their breath taking mirage in the desert. Those who laid them in the manger of the world knew well what message was hidden in the symbolism of each card. The real story, however, begins the moment they stand side by side and thus bring to life their messages, revealing the secrets of the records.

Do you also want to learn to read the messages of gypsy cards and gain their knowledge?

Then I invite you to join me on a fantastic gypsy card reading course.

Are you also among those who look to the future with curiosity and would like to peek into the probabilistic records of a happy future? Do you want the guidelines of hope on which you will be able to build a solid foundation to be revealed to you? Many people want this and let me make you happy with the news that each of us has this gift. Yes, just about everyone. Only that some of us decide and start developing these gifts systematically. If you need real teachers and prophetesses – for all the curious from the mysterious mists appear… gypsy cards.

For thousands of years, mysticism and magic have gone hand in hand, inviting under their wing anyone who is called by the invisible worlds of the mysterious and invisible. Throughout history, humans have developed tools to search for answers to questions. Famous rulers, nobles, kings and queens of this world had their personal psychics who helped them find the right paths with their gifts and abilities. With their gifts, they came to the rescue and helped reveal the right solution to just about every question. Throughout history, there have been many dignitaries who were attributed supernatural powers that still stir people’s imaginations today.

My love for gypsy cards has lasted for many years and they always take me by surprise with their diversity

I work with them with a great deal of respect.

I have been passing this love on for years to all of you who want to meet these wonderful allies who will give you clear answers to all your questions. It seems supernatural, but it’s completely real. Through the years of getting to know each other, I regularly meditated with each of them, observed them, and thus learned. I am still learning and always will be. They have a lot to show for it and over and over again reveal a sweet little thing that has a key message for the individual.

There are 36 cards in the set and each has a bunch of messages. You can learn a lot from symbols, colors, motifs, figures…. Every detail is important, every sign is a great hint on how to deal with a certain situation, and the most important thing is that I teach you to recognize all these secrets of the language of gypsy cards. Like us, gypsy cards are varied, colorful, and to some extent lightly playful. But when the threads of heartfelt love weave with them, from here on, the development of intuition begins, which reveals their true power.

What do gypsy cards really reveal?

People are naturally curious, we ask a lot about everything around us, we look for answers and use various tools to find the right guidelines, which makes me immensely happy. There are also many who are of the opinion that card readers are predicting the future. Personally, I do not use this belief, as I believe that everyone is shaping their future. And just about every one of us has our own path on this beautiful planet. I have never and will never take credit for being a forerunner of the future. The term is closer to me: reading probability records, because the one to whom we open the cards can also operate with the obtained information and do as much as possible for himself. The maps show the probability record and the interviewer can take appropriate action. It is true, however, that certain records are very clear, and the maps also show this clearly. Gypsy maps and all the other tools that people use always give clear answers to the questions asked. However, it is the job of a good interpreter to be able to deduce the exact message from them. What I personally like most about gypsy cards is that you can ask them just about anything. For concrete and honest answers, however, the question must also be concrete and sincere. Maps are an extraordinary energy tool through which the spiritual world communicates with us.

gypsy cards

Thus, gypsy cards can reveal to us:


Health status


Area of finance


Karmic factors from previous lives


They reveal the realm of relationships


Fears, patterns, traumas, phobias and how to resolve them


Personality improvements


They also reveal less pleasant things, which, however, are an integral part of the path of each individual and his incarnation

So you are interested in where the paths of life lead you and how to achieve your goals? Then it’s time to get to know the gypsy cards more closely.

I invite you to an extremely mystical journey, on which you too will be able to become readers of gypsy cards.

Level 1 (9.10.2022)

  • Introductory introduction to maps, what we can all understand from their symbolism and what they teach us
  • How to handle cards
  • What are the duties of a gypsy card reader and attitude towards these energies
  • Card cleaning
  • How to energetically protect gypsy cards
  • Learning how to interpret maps through practical exercises

Level 2 (6.11.2022)

  • We continue to learn and how to act in certain situations in the interpretation itself
  • Meditation ceremony and activation of cards for further work with them
  • Practical exercises
  • Getting to know work according to questions (relationships, finances, health, previous lives ()
  • Combination of gypsy cards, crystals, dice…

Level 3 (4.12.2022)

  • Connecting maps to each other on practical examples
  • Careful reading of messages
  • Let’s do a protective ritual with the help of gypsy cards (energy recognition of people’s intentions)
  • How to resolve blockages and fears from previous lives
  • An insight into previous lives and how to put together a complete picture to help understand the current circumstances

Level 4 (8.1.2023)

  • Gain knowledge of advanced techniques and writing reading. You get an insight into the mystique of the connection between day, night and gypsy beauties
  • Lunar Rite and Writing Reading
  • Practical exercises with cards in a group
  • How to deduce the energy of the person asking you questions from the cards

Level 5 (5.2.2023)

  • Intended for future readers and overcoming their own obstacles
  • Exercises with external participants for further work with maps
  • Exercises where you trust yourself and your own intuition

In the first stage, you receive a blessed set of gypsy cards as a gift from me. They have been my love for many years and now I can reveal their powers to you too.

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