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I am a magician at heart and I believe in miracles. I believe in the beauties of life and act in harmony with Mother Earth and Her processes. Life is a process in which we learn about ourselves. If an individual is aware of himself, his spiritual gifts and invites a touch of magic into his circumstances, miracles happen. Therefore, it is my intention to show you that you are also a part of these miracles

About me

When I remember my childhood, I was quite different from my peers, not in appearance, but in the way it worked. They say everyone has their own joy and my joy was my inner world, which I loved to take refuge in. I grew up in a family where being different was something completely mundane. Already my family is a story unto itself and I love them. Regardless of all the experience, they are definitely a source of pride for me. In the circle in which you grow up, certain topics become interesting to you, especially if you are in the company of women, but this society was something special for me. Conversations about dreams, prophecy, magic,… have been my companions since I was a child. Over the years, I learned a huge amount from the mouths of my ancestors about invisible worlds, visions, prophetic dreams, and experiences from the afterlife were very close to me.

Ever since I was a child, I adored animals and hung out with them the most, in fact more than with my peers. These are extremely pure beings who teach you a lot, they taught me unconditional love and so I talked to my furry friends, walked and also asked them about what my heart wanted to know. This may sound strange, but it is true. All living beings communicate in a unique way, and when you listen to the language of nature and coexist with it, a completely different world opens up to you. I was happy to step into it.

My life has been very interesting. Today, as I look back, I congratulate myself on all the trials and challenges I have successfully overcome. Yes, it took a lot of willpower, courage and determination. But since I am a Taurus by zodiac sign, I tried my best. Over the years, I also found myself at the crossroads of life and wondered which direction was right for me? I was looking for answers about myself, life, I was really looking for myself. And so, after some time, I also began to explore the worlds of my own subconscious, beliefs about who and what I was, I taught and educated myself to understand myself and my feelings in the first place. Along the way, I realized that life was always really right. That I was rocked from all sides with the intention of being a man today who has the knowledge to help others find their way. Infuse them with strength through their own experience and show them the way of hope.


Just about anything is possible and anything is possible if we just decide to do it. My work has expanded, today I am surrounded by people who encourage me to re-enter the world every day, which I call my home. Everyone has their own wheels of fortune and that’s mine. It is a world of love, a world of one’s own potentials, a path of the soul that has come to serve a purpose on Earth. The world I want to share with you. I gained a lot of knowledge and certificates, equipped myself with knowledge and added a heart note to it.


Acquired titles and trainings:

Above all, my main title is to help people. From heart to heart. I myself have first traversed the paths you are looking for and you are invited if I can help you with my knowledge.

White and green mag

Meditation teacher

Medium and clairvoyant

Gypsy map interpreter

Interpreter of sacred animal maps

wizard nal



Dream interpretation


Heart compass


Insight into gypsy maps


Soul code


Harmony of love


Energy cleaning of premises


My experiences

For many years I have been working in the field of exploring myself, my psyche, emotions, relationships and every path is not pleasant. The path you take for yourself requires a great deal of determination, courage and love. It is love that drove me to be who I am today. And so I designed services that I want to help you with as well. That you too, with love for yourself, realize all your potentials, that you allow yourself to be happy and that you live life in all its beauty. Being different and standing out from the crowd is not a weakness. That is an advantage. I am proud of my difference. Proud to be a “freak”. I am just a man with a heart and a love for everything I do.
If you feel that you are different, don’t be afraid of it. Express it through your works, let it be heard through words and let nothing stop you. Let love and heart radiate from you and this is the best way to present yourself to the world.
If I can help you with any of my services, I am available for questions.

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