With their help, you will enter the magical worlds of animal guides, you will get to know their symbolism and read very direct messages, and you will also learn to read guidelines in the physical world. And the next time one comes to you, you will know exactly what to do in a certain situation. Nothing is accidental, and the spiritual world also spoke through these cards.

At each of the levels, we will learn something new about these beautiful clean energies, and as a result, a lot about ourselves. And I invite you to this special, magical journey…

Have you ever wondered why you see certain animals? Why do you feel genuine love for your pets?

Because they are carriers of love on planet Earth. Each one of them is important, and it is precisely from this that the fact that each of us is important emerges. It is the soulful purpose behind it that brought us together and brought us together. People can learn the most from them – sacred animals.

They are sacred because they are allies of nature, who co-create loving energy. We learn precisely from them – sacred animals. And they teach us to hear the powerful message of the quiet whisper. In the depth of the gaze, intuition develops, fluttering of feathers heralds change, silent paws show the right paths, and in the dark night the owl’s wings reveal many wisdoms.

In this course, the sacred animals will help you awaken the old records and connect even more with the inner depths where the ancient wisdoms are smoldering. We carry them in our hearts, we just have to remember them. Who else makes the heart glow with its beauty as much as they do – carriers of pure love.

For thousands of years, mysticism and magic have gone hand in hand, inviting under their wing anyone who is called by the invisible worlds of the mysterious and invisible. Throughout history, humans have developed tools to search for answers to questions. Famous rulers, nobles, kings and queens of this world had their personal psychics who helped them find the right paths with their gifts and abilities. With their gifts, they came to the rescue and helped reveal the right solution to just about every question. Throughout history, there have been many dignitaries who were attributed supernatural powers that still stir people’s imaginations today.


Rate (22.10.2022)

  • I will give you tips on working with cards
  • how to use them, how to interpret cards
  • we start by reading the messages of the cards
  • I will introduce you to rituals with the help of cards that will awaken feelings of magic
  • you travel with me to a meditation ceremony in which we will activate a set of cards (you get them as a GIFT and they are blessed for you by me).


Rate (19.11.2022)

  • we continue reading the symbols from the cards
  • learning how animals give you messages in the physical world and what their meaning is
  • some tips for well-being rituals with the help of sacred animals
  • activation of the animal guide in a meditation ritual
  • you will create your own journal with your animal guides and what they are telling you


Rate (17.12.2022)

  • you will receive messages from your sacred animal who is your guide
  • different card layouts for different interpretations
  • special card reading techniques


Rate (21.1.2023)

  • animal guides in dreams
  • I teach you how to interpret messages in dreams
  • learn how you can work systematically in your dreams with animal guides
  • I will introduce you to the morning announcements and what messages they bring you
  • I will take you to a meditation ritual in which we activate the morning messengers in our dreams


Rate (11.2.2023)

  • special rituals to bring magic into life
  • special initiations that I adapt to the group (activation of protection, invocation of abundance, …)
  • let’s invite outsiders to meet the future interpreters of sacred animals
  • interaktivne vaje v skupini s kartami

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