Do you want to awaken this energy in your life and activate it? Then you are welcome to join me on a special course where we will enter together through the gates of Avalon. This is a remarkable place where everyone who has supernatural powers gathers. Everyone has them. We just have to remember them. Avalon will show you what you can do with its help and Avalon is built from this extraordinary energy – magic. Many legends circulate throughout the history of Avalon. It is home to goddesses, priestesses, sorcerers, clairvoyants and magicians who built its history. Each of them left their mark, which was cut into many walls, remained immortalized on an old sheet of paper and whose messages are hidden by beautiful trees. Many whispers of these powerful people remain immortalized all around us and these whispers are written rituals that help an individual to improve the quality of their life.

The time has come for the mists to rise, for the carefully guarded old records to be discerned from the rustling of the trees and the songs of the old caves. These records, however, will be revealed by Avalon to the carefully chosen and to all those who have heard the call of their soul. The call of the magician within.

Are you among those called by mysticism?

Are you interested in everything that is invisible and hidden to the naked eye? Then I invite you to join me on a course where we will learn the wisdom of Avalon.

Avalon is home to wizards, a civilization of abundance and the core of magic. Let me ask you what feelings awoke in you at the previous sentence? Maybe curiosity, respect, ancient memories? Most likely you heard the call of your soul vibrating all over your body? If the answer was yes, then the memory of the magician or. maginje. Magi carry many wisdoms within us and are a true magnet for most. Have you ever wondered why? Why do we adore animals, feel a strong connection to Mother Nature, to the moon?

We all have our secrets and so does the universe. Mankind is trying to unravel many secrets, but magic is the force that still stirs the imagination of humanity. This energy changes all forms and can create just about anything. Yes, you read that right. Magic is really all around us. We are the ones who create, we create and it is time for magic to show itself again in all its beauty. It is time to use her blessings to create life.

On this remarkable journey, I teach you the rituals for creating wealth and achieving goals. In fact, in this course you will remember who you are as a soul and what are your strengths with which, with the help of Avalon, you will be able to realize the power of spells for well-being, discovering important information and weaving good relationships. You will also learn about the protective powers of animal guides, the gifts of Mother Nature, reading all forms of energies and much more.

In this course, you will remember who you are, what powers you possess, what your potentials are, and each particle will build you into a confident person who will take the scepter in his hands and rule his life. You will also receive many energy tools with which to perform rituals, both for yourself and for others, for the good of the world.


Rate (15.10.2022)

  • learning about the magic of animal guides and special rituals that crystallize all truths and bring all rights
  • energy initiation of animal guides to protect their own energy, home, business, relationships
  • activation of a special network with the help of animal guides, which will capture successful business, visions and goals; at the same time, this network will be a protection against everything that hinders you on the path to the realization of your heart’s desires
  • we will make a box of mysterious abundance and activate it with the wizards of Avalon.


Rate (12.11.2022)

  • a spell with herbs for magical powers
  • birch spell and positive pentagram for magnetism and manifestation
  • making an amulet to make wishes come true and an unusually fast summoning of a new stream of destiny
  • a flower of hidden potentials (gift), which will be activated in a special meditation ceremony and will attract success into the life of the individual, awaken dormant potentials and creative power
  • a special rite of old oak that you, like him, will be unshakable in life


Rate (3.12.2022)

  • a meditation ritual with Avalon wizards to directly channel their powers through your body
  • making a mirror in which a portal awakens to make matter out of spiritual power
  • activation of the life cycle – 13 arrows with 13 elementals to systematically target the desired
  • sorcerer’s power and fireball – activation of magic palms and golden touch in relation to objects – coding of objects.


Rate (7.1.2023)

  • heart compass: a special spell to bring all forms of love to life
  • ship of heart’s desires: a meditation ceremony with the sorceress Avalona and making a potion for the manifestation of the desired
  • the summoning of kindred souls by means of old records and objects
  • a game of fire and the revelation of truths about kindred souls, and about its purposes
  • a magical dance of numbers in the magical lake of Avalona to evoke everything that feeds your heart with love


Rate (4.2.2023)

  • reading from a wax candle made especially for each course participant (this is your gift at the end of the course)
  • Day of Individual Initiation into a Senior Priestly Wizard – Group Ritual Circle and Conclusion of a Witch Alliance
  • You are invited to the worlds of positive magic, to the worlds of heart intentions and the worlds of pure love.

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