Everything we do is magic. Everything we do with our hearts is attributed to this invisible but powerful force called magic. Surrounded by mystique, it opens doors to worlds of magical insights. In the past, the prevailing mentality was that it was only a select few who had these abilities. But let me tell you that each and every one of you is very special and has this kind of ability, this mysterious power to manage an extraordinary energy to read probability records.

When all is quiet, when all is still, then comes the night, which has its own power.

The stars light up the sky, the library of the universe opens its doors wide and we find ourselves in a dream world.

There is no human being who has not dreamt and wondered what is the meaning of what is seen or experienced in the worlds of astral travel. Many are exploring the writings, messages and wisdom of dreams. But it’s good to know that dreams are really a reflection of our thoughts and feelings, and it is these that form the picture that our subconscious shows us through dreams.

When we fall asleep, our physical body is actually resting. But that’s when our astral body goes on the march. It walks and travels through many worlds and civilisations, and acquires information that is relevant to the individual. This information is obtained in order to balance the inner (spiritual) world with the outer (physical) world. But dreams help us to understand both aspects of ourselves, and are therefore in a sense “healing”. The subconscious mind is a treasure house of vital and important information. Through dreams, it reminds us where to focus our energy and what to pay attention to in order to improve our quality of life. It encourages us to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives. However, it is good to remember that dreams always show a realistic picture of the person and the circumstances in which they find themselves.

dream interpretation

Did you know that dreams:


show the sincere intentions of the individual


strengthen the mental part of the brain


call the individual to develop soul potentials


reveal patterns that limit the individual


show your heart's desire


encourage spiritual awareness


help us to identify thoughts and feelings that block us from moving forward


provide key information to help understand a situation or circumstance


encourage new ways of thinking and acting through "happy" events

dream interpretation

You may also be wondering:


why do you dream certain dreams?


why do "nightmares" occur?


why are you afraid of certain dreams?


why do some of them keep repeating themselves?


why do some dreams make you wake up tired and exhausted?


about the feelings when you wake up?

Do you want to learn more about the meaning of dreams? Learn how to read important messages or warnings? Working with the subconscious in a planned way? Then I invite you on an extraordinary journey through the world of mysticism and the mysteries of the dream world. This journey will train you to tap into the wisdom of your soul by understanding your dreams.

Come prepared for this course:

  • write down the dreams that happen to you
  • write down questions you have about them
  • write down the feelings you have the morning after you wake up …

… and bring it all with you to the first stage of the course.

01 (20.11.2022)


  • learning about the world of dreams
  • uncovering and working with the unconscious through dreams
  • techniques for intentional healing through dreams
  • preparing the physical body for dreams
  • activating healing dreams through meditation
  • individual dream interpretations and exercises

02 (18.12.2022)


  • understanding warning dreams (nightmares)
  • recurring dreams and working with them in a planned way
  • techniques for raising awareness and remembering these dreams
  • physical signs of a warning dream
  • activation of warning dreams through meditation

03 (22.1.2023)


  • techniques of analysis and planned interpretation of dreams to better understand them
  • the bigger picture of dream symbolism, and how to use dreams to gain more control in life
  • Hidden whispers of dreams as powerful decision support
  • activation of secret dreams through meditation

04 (11.2.2023)


  • the meaning of prophetic dreams and their role
  • common symbols that appear in prophetic dreams
  • guides working through prophetic dreams
  • activation of prophetic dreams through meditation

From the moment you start the course, you will understand the whispers of the universe and every night will be a special blessing. A special message. Welcome to dream worlds.

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