For a long time we hid in caves, wrote encrypted books, carved inscriptions in stone and other tools. The time has come to boldly reveal ourselves, straighten our backs, and do good for the entire planet. You have heard the call of a soul that needs you to protect animals and nature. It is time to use your knowledge to help those in need and to reveal the personal key to the event on this journey.

It is up to you to secure a ticket for this train, equip yourself with a strong faith in miracles, settle in comfortably and embark on an extraordinary journey. There are five stations in front of you and 12 magicians are waiting for you. At each station, you meet a new magician (or magician) who has key and very important messages for you. He will also give you tools for positive rituals with which to create your magic of life. Every tool is very valuable, as valuable as a golden fleece.

I invite you to the train…

On a train that will take you on a mystical journey around the world. Your presence on this train will arouse a lot of curiosity in you and how could you not, because you will learn many truths about yourself on this journey. When you occupy your space on the magic train, you realize that you carry magical powers within you. Someone will help you activate them… yes, they will join you… World magicians will sit next to you, grounding magical knowledge in the distant past, talking to invisible energies, doing powerful rituals with Mother Earth, the moon and discovering invisible records of stars for future generations of mighty wizards. And it’s no coincidence that you’re on this train, too. You have been carefully chosen, because today’s world needs you. There is an invisible energy that calls its protégé at the right moment. It’s time to relive the ancient memories and everything you have hidden from others so far.

This train is a window into the invisible but so powerful worlds and will take you to the most powerful magicians the world knows. Let me trust you that the train has five stations and on each of them powerful magicians from all mythologies will work with you. They are ready to give you powerful tools with which you will help yourself in the first place. They will reveal the mysterious veils for your loving heart, with the intention of stepping on the side of light and spreading this love with knowledge and awareness – to magic. This invisible force will anchor into your life everything you need for your spiritual growth. It will strengthen your abilities and spiritual gifts, awaken your inner strength and forge you into a master, the master of your life.

To the magic treasure

but you arrive at the last station, but before that I trust you what you will meet on this train:


Station 1: Greek Magic (13.11.2022)


Station 2: Arab Magic (11.12.2022)


Station 3: Egyptian Magic (15.1.2023)


Station 4: Angelic Magic (12.2.2023)


Station 5: Initiation into the 13th Magus (5.3.2023)


  • you meet the magician Hecate with whom you initiate a lunar rite with black dogs
  • Kirk invites you to his home to initiate a miracle potion for well-being. As a gift you get a mighty stick of 13 golden rays
  • then at the crossroads you wait for Medea, who will take you to the golden chariot and show you the ways of success
  • in the old temple between the mountains, the magician Inannes awaits you with a ritual for creative power and self-love
  • and for the end… at this station these Hecate, Medea and Inannes are endowed with a purple key. You make a strong activation of the key with which you will access the cosmic secrets


  • at this station I physically brew and serve you real Turkish coffee
  • as long as it cools, its scent will caress your senses, and you make a powerful activation of prophetic abilities with the Prophet Muhammad
  • followed by a coffee prophecy (yes, really)
  • at this station you get the option of choosing a silk scarf as a gift, and there are also 13 mighty knots of red thread waiting for you; all this to make a golden lamp of fulfilled desires
  • and at the end you get a golden key as a gift with which you get access to all forms of reading energies


  • the magician Izis is waiting for you, with whom they activate animal guides for successful steps in life in all areas. It will show you the power of the swan and beautiful transformations, it will activate your wolf for clear guidance, the protector panther, and a gentle dove that will take care of harmonious relationships.
  • then Ištar is waiting for you, with whom they create and activate the star of the ultimate manifestation
  • the path will then take you to Naya, the goddess of dragons. She will introduce you to her protégés, who will be your protectors from now on
  • at the end of this station, Heka, the god of magic, awaits you. He reveals his cavity to you and there they perform a ritual with 13 serpent guides (no worries, these are kind and gentle) for healing powers
  • followed by the activation of the red key, which will trigger the energy of big shifts in your life


  • at this station the Tarot is already eagerly awaiting you. He has 6 dice in his hands and these are your gift. Through them he will show you the power of numbers and how to get an answer to the question in question
  • then everything calms down and your presence is noticed by Barachiel. He will show you how to make a board for miraculous events in life. You will be accompanied by a mushroom, a hummingbird, a butterfly and a dragonfly.
  • and now is the time for Uriel to visit you, with whom you will make a torch of Light, and activate it in a meditation ceremony. It is a torch of strength, steadfastness and clear intentions. But for you, it will reveal all the truths.
  • as a gift you get (and together with everyone you activate) a blue key, through which your every step will be supported by the angelic spheres


  • everyone you have met so far is waiting for you at this station. With them you make a protective plate and activate it together with everyone
  • as a gift you get a black key in which will be encrypted strong protection and unwavering power of the magician
  • followed by a mighty rite of the golden pyramid with 13 crystals and consecration to a magician
  • awarding certificates from RITUAL INITIATIONS

And from here, your journey is just beginning…. Your life will be completely different. What? Magical! Welcome!

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