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13 Magi Course – 4. Station: angelic magic

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At each station, you meet a new magician (or magician) who has key and very important messages for you. He will also give you tools for positive rituals with which to create your magic of life. Every tool is very valuable, as valuable as a golden fleece.


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  • at this station the Tarot is already eagerly awaiting you. He has 6 dice in his hands and these are your gift. Through them he will show you the power of numbers and how to get an answer to the question in question
  • then everything calms down and your presence is noticed by Barachiel. He will show you how to make a board for miraculous events in life. You will be accompanied by a mushroom, a hummingbird, a butterfly and a dragonfly.
  • and now is the time for Uriel to visit you, with whom you will make a torch of Light, and activate it in a meditation ceremony. It is a torch of strength, steadfastness and clear intentions. But for you, it will reveal all the truths.
  • as a gift you get (and together with everyone you activate) a blue key, through which your every step will be supported by the angelic spheres

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