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Let 2021 reveal itself and show you the right guidelines.

For you who want to peer into the records of your own energy in 2021… I have created a compass for 2021 that reveals through the prophetic gypsy charts:




Let 2022 reveal itself and show you the right directions.

Curiosity is a beautiful virtue as it pushes us through the stages of life. Do we happen to stop at a certain point and wonder which way to take? We wonder if this path is safe, right? It’s not about being safe or less safe. The path is important. The realization that just about every one is right carries the blessings of experience. The soul compass is the one that guides us along the wonderful paths that she has prepared for the individual – our beautiful soul. It provides circumstances, persons, trials, and confrontations, all with the intent of growing and evolving as souls.

For most, this is a challenge and they hide in the embrace of fears, withdrawal, inaction. But the soul wants just the opposite. Her motto is to guide us in all ways, because in this way we progress, grow, develop, and just pushing into new circumstances means mental progress.

For those of you who want to peek into the records of your own energy in 2022 … I have created a compass for 2022 that reveals through prophetic gypsy maps:

  • Where and where do these energies support
  • What plans does your soul have
  • What to look out for
  • How to face challenges and trials
  • I reveal to you a picture of the physical body
  • A picture of emotional well-being
  • Business opportunities and pave the way for financial improvement
  • Steps to a life mission
  • Secrets of relationships and how to make them bloom in notes of love

If you have a very specific wish or question, just write it in the comment of the order form

You will receive:

  • Guidelines and guidance for each month
  • 19 pages of written guides so you can read them over and over again
  • Photos of cards that will give you the energy of good fortune when you read them
  • My remote blessing for 2021

May the prophetic compass of fulfilled dreams guide you. And I’m glad to be a part of that magic, too. Nal

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