Monthly Forecast SEPTEMBER 2022



Aries, you will be exposed to many opportunities in September. These will be reflected in all your circumstances. As a result, you will find yourself at a crossroads. You will wonder which is the right direction? What to invest your energy in? What brings you satisfaction, fulfilment and joy? It is important for you to focus on what makes you happy, and not to be distracted by your surroundings. It will require you to have your own interests at heart, not involving your own wishes or opinions. As a result, disunity will arise and you may even doubt yourself and your decisions. Whatever is upsetting you or making you feel this emotion must be removed. This is because old memories of a particular relationship or person who was an authority figure for you will be stirred up. This person is still present in your life and does not have a very positive influence on your functioning. Movement through all the stages of life is essential for you, as is action. Look for innovations that inspire you and that will make you happy.



The first month of autumn will be crucial for you. This is because of your wishes and goals for the autumn period. Many of you have set clear visions for the future, and now is the time for action. To successfully set goals, you need a solid and healthy foundation on which to sow the seeds of success. That is why it is important for you to start expressing your thoughts, your ideas, through creativity. But don’t be too hard on yourself and allow everything to unfold at its natural pace. Be true to yourself and your choices. When taking important steps for the future, be emotionally calm and take all important decisions with equanimity. An active period is upon you and the wheel of desire has turned. Keep a sincere purpose and act with heart in all circumstances.



Gemini, you will be under the watchful eye of feelings that will dictate the leap into this autumn. Some of you have had less than pleasant experiences in the area of relationships and are experiencing feelings of sadness as a result. Others feel tension, and this has a big impact on your well-being. It would be a good idea not to hide your feelings and to express them in the way you experience them. Don’t play the “safe” game of wanting to have total control over everything, because that is manipulative. With a sincere approach and a sincere intention, you can turn your circumstances in a completely different direction. It is your choice what you choose for yourself. So choose wisely and, above all, thoughtfully. Allow your heart to guide your decision-making and you will be doing yourself a great favour. As a result, you will realise that happiness smiles on you in everything you do. Positive changes are seen in business, finance.



You made some wishes and after a while everything stopped. That’s because somewhere along the way you ran out of will and maybe courage. All this is due to too many tasks you have put on your plate, and as a result you have run out of time and energy. The number 4 is the one that will dictate the beginning of autumn. This is the number of a trusted, sincere friend, a colleague you can talk to about anything and trust. This person is a hard worker and strives to find satisfaction in everything. It is important to gather your energy and start systematically embarking on new ventures. Talk to yourself before you do anything. What do you really need during this period for your soul growth and development? These are not material things. This is something you are missing. Find out what it is? And then make sure you do. Stop blaming yourself and allow yourself to be more flexible in life. What you really need is to socialise and go out among people and have more relaxed fun. This will give you the boost you really need.



Leo, in autumn, you will receive certain gifts that life will give you. This will of course inspire you and bring much joy into your life. These gifts are the fruit of your action. Many of you will receive public recognition, awards and some of you will be seen on TV or read about in the newspaper. You will be flattered by all this attention and congratulate yourself on your achievements. Others may face the pitfalls of your own ego, which keeps you in the grip of material desire. Let go of this mindset and invite ideas into your mind to express your own creative energy and create the life you long for. Pay attention to your thoughts as September will be a great testing ground for you to create a lot of this for yourself or to leave your desires, goals and ideas as empty illusions. The key to the beautiful for you is through the expression of your soul talents. Drop expectations and replace them with action.



Virgos in September will have the feeling that someone is watching you. It will be difficult to determine who that might be, and it will not be a pleasant feeling, but it will not be a bad one either. There will be some fatigue and inability to move. You will compensate for your lack of willpower with physical activity, you will postpone confrontations to a more “favourable” period and you will look for excuses. This may take time until you realise that the one who is watching you is really your soul. It will (willingly or unwillingly) provide you with circumstances, situations, persons, in order to set you on the right path, the healthy path for you. You are caught in a merry-go-round of expectations that you know are holding you back and preventing you from moving forward more easily in life. That’s why it’s important for you to start taking small steps of change and gradually introduce them into your daily life. Let go of everything that makes you sad, doubtful, stressed and sleep-deprived.



Communication is essential for you Librans in September. Relationships will, of course, be at the forefront and will dictate your course of action. For those of you who find yourself at a crossroads wondering what to do, do exactly what you feel and know is right for you. You can persevere and wait for better times. This will only give you a feeling of false illusion. Start setting boundaries and demand exactly what you need. People come and go. Each person at a particular time in life with a key message for us. It brings learning and experience that teaches us about ourselves. Embrace learning and put yourself first. A certain situation challenges you and asks you to look at everything around you objectively. Do not glorify anyone, remove the labels you have given to a person and see them as your equal. The bigger picture will be clear and you will know how to proceed.



Members of this sign can expect sudden events. Some of you will get the cupid’s spear, and there is the prospect of a pleasant emotional adventure in the form of a romance that may eventually develop into something lasting. For those of you who are a little doubtful about the “cupid”, you may just get a sign that you deserve one too. The choice is up to the individual, and everyone has the right to choose for themselves. For those of you who have the desire to travel, be careful who you choose for company. Travel can be private or business. Caution should not be excessive. Observe and you will see who supports you and who has no place being by your side. You will have the energy and strength to cope with whatever tasks you set yourself. You will feel an extra flow of energy that will be like a wind of support. Replace mental overload with realisation and grounding of ideas. This will pay rich dividends whatever you do.



You Sagittarians are entering a challenging period. Challenging, mainly because you will need to prioritise and you will need to rely on no one but yourself. You have sailed diligently through this summer on waves of ease and indifference. Now circumstances will require you to take a serious and responsible approach. Mistakes made may have been swept under the carpet, but they were noticed and recorded, whether in business, friendships or emotions. Now you will have the opportunity for new beginnings. But you will need to be honest with yourself. Whimsicality, flighty and flighty will no longer pay off. Opportunities will present themselves and you should approach them with enthusiasm, intelligence and respect. Everything you sow in September will be reflected back to you at the end of the year. So make sure it is honest and clean. Pay close attention to the “Lady of the Past” who will knock on your door for a purpose. It has something for you.



The beginning of September will be a bit turbulent for you. Feelings will be at the forefront of your mind and you will want to address them. Something is weighing you down, and don’t walk past it. What or who do you have doubts about? It is very important to find out. When you find the answer to this question, many mysteries, as well as concerns, will be cleared up. A written message will be crucial for your future and will have a big impact. They will come from a blue-eyed person and then approach things with a clear goal, a vision as you will have a unique opportunity to do your best for yourself. Don’t miss this opportunity. On the other hand, allow yourself to see much more. Get out of your current situation, circumstance and discover how much beauty life has to offer for those who dare. For those who dare. A whole other, more beautiful world will open up for you. Your decision will trigger a step into the new, and that brings you great rewards.



Aquarians will be faced with coming to conclusions and finding solutions to certain situations in which you find yourself. Whatever the circumstance, the energies of September will push you to realise that you can no longer function in this way. Something will have to change, not in the circumstances, but in ourselves. Obsolescence will weigh you down. It will not give you peace of mind, and as a result, dissatisfaction, bad mood may arise. Of course, you know how to turn it around and make something completely different out of it. Certain concerns about the past have a major impact on your functioning and you bear certain consequences. You also know that everyone is the forger of his own luck. Business is changing, but approach it in a completely different way. With new energy. With sincere intention. Nice words full of honey will not help. It will require wisdom and a more responsible approach.



Pisces, you will be thinking and forging long-term plans. These relate mainly to attitudes. You will feel a strong call for change and it is already knocking at your door through situations or events. You will not leave anything to chance, as you are already at the stage of taking certain decisions. Some of you will come to conclusions quickly, others have been waiting and hesitating for a long time. You and others do this with a great deal of peace in your hearts. Each ending brings something new. In business, don’t mix work and society, even if the circumstances are extremely favourable… for a big mistake. Maintain a responsible attitude to work and a professional level. Get help in a group and connect with others. This will give you additional support for the ideas that will come to you one by one. Take advantage of the opportunities given to you to advance in all areas of your life.


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