Merlin’s golden arrows

You have probably noticed that the energies are slowly realigning. Mercury retrograde energies, which have been quite intense during this period. And rightly so. Energy cleansing is necessary in all circumstances that require energy balance. We are now entering a period of easier action and things will start to move more naturally. If you have had an intense period, it is a good idea to regain your own energy through a healthy diet, more exercise or rest. Everyone knows best for themselves, and our bodies are the best indicator of what we really need. So let’s not walk past the signs our bodies are sending us. It is our responsibility to provide him with everything he needs. We can also do a mini exercise and close our eyes and ask our body how we can help it? What does it need? Put yourself in the role of an observer and connect with your body. Observe the signals and do not control anything.

That’s why it’s so important to take care of the energy balance of our own energy, the home we live in and the workplace. This harmony is then extended to other circumstances, and we have a perfect basis for easier action and, consequently, easier success.

When I asked the spiritual guides what we needed during this period, a wonderful meditation was revealed to me. This meditation is for anyone who wants to balance their own energy and regain their inner strength. It is called Merlin’s Golden Arrows.

Date: 12.10. at 19h, Škofja Loka
Gift of the evening: my three tea lights from Merlin the Magician
Contribution: 20eur
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