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13 Magi Course – 1. Station: Greek Magic

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At each station, you meet a new magician (or magician) who has key and very important messages for you. He will also give you tools for positive rituals with which to create your magic of life. Every tool is very valuable, as valuable as a golden fleece.


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  • you meet the magician Hecate with whom you initiate a lunar rite with black dogs
  • Kirk invites you to his home to initiate a miracle potion for well-being. As a gift you get a mighty stick of 13 golden rays
  • then at the crossroads you wait for Medea, who will take you to the golden chariot and show you the ways of success
  • in the old temple between the mountains, the magician Inannes awaits you with a ritual for creative power and self-love
  • and for the end… at this station these Hecate, Medea and Inannes are endowed with a purple key. You make a strong activation of the key with which you will access the cosmic secrets

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