Monthly forecast AUGUST 2022



The guiding word for the month of August, for you dear Aries, is harmony. You have a dynamic and very interesting month ahead of you. On the one hand, you will be busy with work and career-related matters and will be focusing your energies in this area. And of course there are rewards for the effort. Some of you will also have challenges and may change jobs as a result. On the other hand, your heart and emotions will be activated. Find a healthy dose of consistency in everything you do. Allow your loving heart to lead you along paths you have recently forgotten. Hug him and connect strongly with him. Listen to it when it warns you of unhealthy relationships and people who are disturbing your peace and harmony. You will be given the opportunity for personal growth and don’t listen to anyone. Trust the still small voice of your heart and your intuition. In my
But be completely honest with yourself first. Allow the birds of joy and gladness to settle in your life.



In the month of August, dear bulls, remove all doubts. You have the feeling that everything has stopped and nothing is moving. Despite your action and perseverance, you feel that nothing happens. Don’t be hard on yourself and trust life. Everything is going your way and do not doubt yourself and your work. Autumn brought some concerns, but you are now on the right track. Spend time with yourself and surrounded by nature. You are in a period of regeneration, so there is no need to exert yourself. Things will move in the direction you want and there is a lot that is being sorted out just for you behind the scenes. For every area you feel you can stand, there will come a time when you will need energy and you will have a lot of work to do. You are seeing results in business, so rest and recharge your batteries. There is a period of standstill for a reason. Take a moment to yourself, get inspired by nature and enjoy the silence. Calm the ambiguities with faith and trust, and know that the sun shines for all equally. Indulge in whatever fills you with calm, joy and brings you joy. Place your hand on your chest and connect with your heart. Trust him that everything will be fine.



Gemini, you’ll shine in August with the people you love. It is therefore advisable for you to make more time for socialising. Whether it’s in a circle of friends or in a business circle. You’ll also have the chance to meet new people and connect with your new surroundings. Then you meet a male person you know and the possibility of progress in all areas opens up. Let go of all expectations. Give yourself more flexibility and this will open up opportunities for progression. In all this joy, avoid quick language, lest your words backfire on you. If you are thinking of moving, moving up, making a key shift in your
now is the time to do it. Of course, you will need to take appropriate action. In business, you will need to stand out and be “vocal” about your ideas to your superiors. August will be very kind to you, so make the most of it
and turn them into success in all areas with bold steps and action. Have more fun and be in the company of those who support you.



You are facing a period when you will need to spend more time with yourself and look inwards. Certain circumstances need your action, so it will be necessary to sit down and look inwards. You are experiencing good fortune in your career and finances, which is causing some people around you some concern. Focus on your goals, be as productive as possible and look for new resources that will bring you financial peace of mind. Certain individuals will not be happy with your progress, but don’t let that worry you. The energies of August will be very much on your side and anything you think about can turn into a great success. To help you succeed and be more creative, offer yourself and your heart more understanding and warmth. You are extremely capable, resourceful and ground your visions in enthusiasm and action. Ignore opinions
others. Follow the song of your heart and trust it. Nurture trust in yourself and you will achieve whatever your heart desires in life.



Some of you will face challenges, while others may have a very different picture of the life you are currently living. For those of you who feel stuck, the energies of August are preparing you for certain changes that you are avoiding at all costs. Don’t stand still and face up to the challenges and be completely honest with yourself and your life. Financial burdens and debt worries are piling up and weighing you down. Don’t wait for better times, create them yourself. You are constrained by a family pattern, an unresolved relationship with a person who is your authority figure (your father). And for those of you who are working and have broken out of this cycle, you can look forward to rewards. The energies will support you towards greater visibility, your work or products will become even more noticed and you will enjoy the fruits of satisfaction. You will be successful in the financial sphere, and what will make you happiest is that you will also enjoy the company of your family or friends. people dear to you.



Your guiding principle for August is emotional calm. There is, or will be, unrest within you. It comes from a feeling of dissatisfaction or lack. It is therefore important for you to find out what it is that you are missing or feel lacking. Don’t look for it in the outside world, because the answer to your question lies within you. Leave behind all the external distractions you want to “muddle through” and hide from taking responsibility. A female person or a three-person relationship is a challenge for you. This relationship brings mixed feelings that cause fluctuations. Your job is not to get emotionally involved in a circumstance, event, situation or relationship. Look at everything objectively and you will get the bigger picture. Once you have clarity, make a decision and take action. Remove everything that irritates you and don’t look for an external culprit. Maybe you can adapt a little to the situation and not be too hard on yourself. Everything in life has its own process, and don’t get ahead of the curve.



Focus is what Libra will need during this period. August will be kind and sympathetic to you. It will offer you a wide range of everything you have been manifesting lately. It is therefore very important for you to be focused on everything you want to achieve. Your thoughts are the seeds of success. Everything you put your energy into will sprout success. Literally. So pay attention to where and what you put your mind to. Pay more attention to what you talk about and how you talk about it. The words spoken are codes. Be honest in your actions and be guided by a heartfelt purpose. On 8.8. do the manifestation meditation because the Eight will support you. But know that success will require order and discipline. This will bring you the success you want, which will be reflected in the financial sphere, signing a new contract, selling or buying a property, running a successful business. Give something to the needy, feed wildlife and fill your heart with gratitude.



Moving through the phases of life is the right path for you in August. Some of you are at a point where certain experiences or losses from the past have affected you. It is understandable to take time for yourself and to stand back. Everything on this planet is here for a purpose, and it happens in a specific time. That’s the deal. Soul-agreements hone us, albeit in a more difficult way, into the best version of ourselves. Accept all phases of life as a learning experience, and the lessons learned are the learning material you go forward with. Explore yourself and venture into new areas. The restlessness you feel, the desires that make you restless, the ideas you get through dreams, are just an indication that you are ready for a new path. Connect with yourself, with one or more of them and start realising your dreams. This will bring you peace in your heart, and on the other hand, the action provides you with new resources. The result is financial peace of mind. So fill your heart with strong faith and approach everything with enthusiasm.



A fruitful month is ahead of you, dear Sagittarians. Fruitful in all areas of life. The focus is on finances, a new job, a successful business, sales or. purchases. That’s one side of the coin. The other side is your heart. You can achieve and accomplish anything, just don’t go past your heart. The mind is a remarkable tool that can be “trained” to work according to the ego’s wishes. And this is where the trap, or the double-edged sword, can be hidden. More than material, you need emotional reassurance. When we are emotionally calm and “fed” then the energy of manifestation connects to the heart chakra, which works in harmony with the thoughts. In August you will be mini-tested through circumstances, events or situations. You don’t have to be afraid because you will learn. What is important is that you feed your heart with all the truth and love you need. Don’t walk past him and instead give him more attention, understanding and the comfort he needs. Give up the macho attitude towards yourself and do not look for happiness outside. Happiness is found in your emotions, and you first offer them or. assure yourself. Then comes the miracle of life. Successes will come one after another.



Dear Capricorns, you are or will become “hungry” for novelty. You are seemingly content with your life and everything is going according to the usual pattern. This is why feelings of being trapped, unable to move forward and cramped can arise. Of course, all this is solvable, but your action is needed. It is your decision that will bring fresh energy to spread your sails and set out more easily on the path of life. For those of you who want change, to make a difference, start working towards making changes in your life. Favourites
you’re settled in ways that are safe and don’t require you to jump into rough seas. You may not notice that your boat is fairly wobbling in its mooring. Take a more serious and determined approach and open the door to the life your loving heart desires. When you do, a new partner will come your way, your business situation will improve, you may move, buy property, change your living environment. Everything is waiting for you, and all that is needed is your action.



For you, August will be a month of seeking balance and harmony. Some of you are caught in your own trap of a difficult emotional state. On the one hand, life offers you happiness and everything that makes you happy in the palm of your hand, but you don’t even see it. On the other hand, you prefer to choose ego desires that do not serve you. In August, you will once again have the opportunity to step in front of the scales of life. On the one hand you will have the choice of luck, on the other your stubbornness. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then ask yourself what does one side or the other bring you, what really makes you happy and what do you feed your heart with? The answer will be given to you, and on that basis your circumstances will unfold in exactly the same way. You have the chance to start afresh and anew, but you will have to give up the old way of doing things and your stubborn stubbornness. In understanding yourself, give yourself a chance and reconnect with your heart and find the heartfulness that will be your greatest support. Be honest with yourself and more loving. Pay more attention to your thoughts. Where and what are you directing them to?



An emotional time is ahead of you, dear little fish. You will invest a lot of your energy in relationships and everything connected with them. For some, good fortune is on the horizon, while others of this sign have reached, or will reach, a point where certain changes will have to be made. The key for you, then, is to look around at your relationships and see which ones are benefiting you and which ones are weighing you down. Take off your rose-tinted glasses and look at the world around you with complete objectivity. The truth you seek, desire or demand from others, first assure yourself and be completely at peace with it. It is better to admit the situation as it is than to walk around smiling with a bitter smile. The key to success for you is honest conversation, so express your feelings to one or more of them in the same way you experience them. Don’t turn a blind eye to the naked truth and free yourself from the feeling of being trapped, and thus relieve your chest. As a result, you will have laid a solid foundation on which to start building respectful relationships. And last but not least, our attitude towards ourselves.


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