Rams, you will face many issues in December. Most of the time you will blame yourself for all your failures and take the blame as a result. As long as the criticism is positive and helps you to do something about it, that’s fine. Doubts are the ones that stay with you for a long time, and they do not give you peace. Behind them is an older male person who, together with his patterns, dictates the thought process you are trapped in. Now do for yourself what is being reproached and listen well to the “reproaches”. Make the move you have been putting off. December is the month of closure and you have the opportunity to put an end to everything that is weighing you down. Relationships will encourage you to find comfortable footwear for your feet and make the crucial shift. Don’t be afraid. Everything will be fine. Success will depend on the steps you take, so act. Start moving with ease and let every step be confident and full of enthusiasm. You deserve more because that is what you are striving for.



Bulls, take your merry December literally merry. You have been spontaneously tested by the energies, so now is the time to take a well-deserved rest. This is most evident in the way you spend your free time with friends, a loved one, good food and a pleasant atmosphere. Of course, your stubbornness will drive you forward and you will leave nothing to chance. Really take more time for yourself. You are able to provide and care for others. But don’t forget to take care of yourself and indulge in more romance. It will also knock on the door of singles, and you should open it wide. For those of you in a relationship, you might reach a point where you ask yourself on what foundations you are building your relationship. Ask yourself if the relationship makes you happy and how does it make you feel? Be honest with yourself. Don’t fall in love with an illusion. Match your words with your loved one’s actions and you will have an excellent basis for further decisions. Open your heart and activate your intuition. You will realise that life is always right. So trust him completely. Trust yourself most of all.



The beginning of the month brought you certain insights from the distant past through situations. You have learned that you need to take care of yourself first. Closing out the old will bring you a certain amount of peace. But it is important not to bear any grudges. It may be that a person from the past will turn up with whom you still need to work things out. Setting boundaries will be key. In this way, your confidence will return and you will regain your dissipated energy. Have trustworthy people around you and surround yourself with them. You will find peace and harmony in the homely, warm embrace of your home. It will also be an opportunity for you to say goodbye to what does not serve you and to make the most of it. You have the right to choose for yourself. This will invite innovation and build a lasting and solid foundation in relationships and career. When you talk about yourself, let your goals and aspirations for the year ahead be heard as they relate to you personally. On your development. The best way to occupy your mind is to put it into creative action.



You have entered the month of December full of an energy you don’t know what it is. It is as if something has awakened in you. There may be new developments and the possibility of new beginnings. Some Cancers will go through a spiritual transformation and rewards will follow for your efforts. Don’t stop those of you who are working hard on yourselves. You’ll share even more good things. What is important to you is your action. Honesty, truth and a sense of responsibility are your tools for success. Be responsible when you are carried along by the ease of moving through circumstances. Let your actions leave a pleasant taste in the mouths of the people you surround yourself with. Of course, there will be some fears, and you should accept those as well. Face them and look them in the eye. Only in this way will you have faith in yourself and the tendency to seek validation from the outside world will not be necessary. Leave your shell safely and with a sincere intention. The driving force that will power you is a strong belief in yourself. A healthy dose of caution should not be overlooked in everything you do and do not be unnecessary.



For Leos, December brings changes in finances and career-related matters. Some of you will be looking to move, others will be looking for new sources of income, others will be rushing around with a bag over your head with some illusory expectations. Stop and let go of all control. Now it will be necessary to start again. What you have done in the past is. If it means bearing certain consequences, you will learn. Don’t rush and don’t do anything out of urgency. There is a small sum on the way to help you move to a new environment and make a fresh start. Even if you are not in favour of it, it is absolutely essential for you. Go further, into a new area that is foreign to you. This will help you learn to move through the cycles of life with more will and effort. For those of you who have worked diligently up to this point, you will be putting the paperwork in place to lay the foundations for success. In all this zeal for work, don’t forget yourself. You have recently put yourself on the back burner. Get in touch with yourself and renew your own energy.



December will test you in the area of trust. Which circumstances take away your power and which push you over the edge? Something that you have been hiding and carrying in your heart should come out. You don’t have to be patronizing to make your heart’s desires heard. Doubts are the result of the attitude you have towards yourself. Set clear goals. Replace uncertainty by taking responsibility for yourself. You will resolve challenging situations by being completely honest with yourself. Now is not the time to play it safe. Get emotional and say what’s on your mind. But maybe your silent plan succeeds. If you feel uneasy about a particular person, it is best to confront them with questions and have a frank discussion. Something will be hiding and it is your job to find out what is behind it. The test of commitment will require a great deal of courage and will. Successful completion of the task will bring you the necessary peace and calm. But you should also be completely honest and demand it.



Libra will weigh even more in December. You find yourself in situations that are emotionally and financially draining. As a result, fear is coming to you and you are at a crossroads. The good news is that you will be able to get to the surface. Be aware of the naivety and foolhardiness in which you have fallen. In the hope that Libra will realise that being good does not mean allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, make radical changes. These will first have to be found in relationships. You have someone who is constantly contemptuous of you and constantly makes demands of you. It is your responsibility to leave the relationship immediately, otherwise the situation will only escalate. Your trait is one of silent observation, and if you see someone deliberately harming you then don’t turn a blind eye. Stop all forms of bullying, humiliation and blackmail. It will be quite a challenging month for you. A time for setting boundaries, new energy and overcoming fears. Don’t delay.



December will be a month of hope and strong faith for you. You have clear plans for the year ahead, which you want to make a reality. Big goals require big action, and you are not lacking in that. Everything you have done for yourself up to this point is beautiful and you should be proud of yourself. Now a fair-haired woman from your past will appear and she has a very important message for you. Let each person work out for himself what it is. Don’t get emotionally involved and the only message that matters to you from this person is the message. Nothing else. Maybe a deal with a foreign country won’t get the result you want. Through no fault of your own. It is a process, so allow the energy to flow. During this time, set aside time for socialising with friends. And don’t forget to take time for yourself and explore your companion, who has even bigger plans for you and yours. Your soul is waiting for you to spend more time with it and connect with it. Dedicate yourself to your talents and creatively express yourself through your own products. Trust the process of life.



As is your wont, you will be pushing yourself to the limit and December will be very dynamic. The way you make it. Are you constantly chasing yourself with the thought of what else you need to do? And you will be driven to burnout. In this zeal, you consequently forget everything around you. Most of all on ourselves. In fact, you have a very beautiful month ahead of you, full of harmony and romance. You will not be any better off if you behave destructively towards yourself. No one is asking or expecting anything of you. Make inner peace and stop the racehorses. It may be that everything passes you by without you even noticing. As a result, you may be faced with guilt, missed messages from loved ones, key events and all the beauty of life. Connect more with your spirit guides, dear angels and listen to the messages of the dearly departed. Disconnect the external distractions to which you give the power of distraction from yourself. Start connecting with yourself in a planned way. Are you happy, calm? You don’t have to run away – from yourself.



December brings Capricorns clear insights into all circumstances. You have drawn many people into your life with your heartfelt action. But some are not so sympathetic to your happiness. That’s why in December you will be engaged in the search for truth in relationships. Lean heavily on intuition and remove yourself emotionally in the search for truth. You will quickly find out who is for your circle and who needs to be let go to go their own way. Your natural gift of empathy is being put to good use, even though you know how important it is to look after your own energy. A month of closure for all situations and circumstances and relationships that are weighing you down. Unburden yourself and strip yourself of all the negative energies that you are allowing to drain you for the time being. Think about yourself, your goals and the aspirations you intend to achieve in the coming year. Set clear boundaries and do not deviate from values and principles. Let no one tempt you to the point of giving yourself away for those who do not appreciate the effort, energy and love you share. Do not forget to love yourself, because you need it too.



Aquarians will need to make a plan to take care of your strength this month. This year has been a stressful one for you and you are at a point where you are wondering how to move forward? All events and situations have taken away your will and courage. Don’t let it happen to you. Ask yourself what have you learned about yourself? Don’t rest on your laurels. You like novelty and it’s up to you how you engage with yourself. It is important not to fall into old habits or processes that have marked you in the past. Self-pity won’t help you either. Awaken and activate your talents and use the gifts you have to bring joy first to yourself and then to those around you. Awaken the fire of joy, gladness and enthusiasm. This month’s energies will show you choices through other people, so put your ego aside. You need a new wind on which you will be ready to live again. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped in circumstances that don’t make you happy. You know best what it is you need to be successful and to create something new. Make sure you do, and don’t turn a blind eye to the truth.



The restless spirit of Pisces will be very active during this period. That’s because you have set yourself certain goals, or are secretly flirting with them in your mind, at least for the time being. You are driven by strong desires and cannot wait to realise them. It is best not to expect anything. Even when a person from the past comes along and wants your attention. Give her time and talk. It may give you certain information that will come in handy. And, of course, do something with them to help them fall on fertile ground. Socialising is very important to you during this period and you should socialise more. As far as your career is concerned, be careful what you say and what you think. You may be confiding in someone who may turn your words against you, causing unnecessary inconvenience. Spend your free time with those who rejoice with you and whom you can trust completely. Make the most of December’s energies by letting go of control and focusing on spending quality time.


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