Monthly Forecast FEBRUARY 2022



This Full Moon will bring out your inner strength. In fact, it will test you in some way through circumstances how much you believe in yourself, your abilities and how much you really value yourself. Be completely honest in your actions and base your intentions on the truth. Pull your energy back from all toxic relationships and do not get involved in other people’s emotions. Concentrate your energy because you will need it for your own goals. The doubts you will face are due to a lack of faith in yourself and in life. Just think of all you have been through so far, and how strong you have been. Keep and nurture the fire of passion for life within you. What needs to go should go. Do not cling to what wants to leave your life. Lesson learnt, now breathe in new fresh energy and connect with this Full Moon. Ask for blessings of inspiration and faith in yourself and in life.



For you Taurus, it’s time to make some changes in your life. Even if you’re not much for change, this Full Moon will shake it out of your sleeve. Options for movement, of course. These will be most evident in your relationships, be they business, friendships or partnerships. Some things are of a solvable nature and you should discuss them honestly. Make your thoughts, views and opinions clear. If you encounter a positive response, backed up by action, then there is a chance of moving forward given the circumstances. If not, ask yourself if you might have got caught up in a pattern from the past and overlooked it. Otherwise, the energy of this Full Moon is playfully exuberant for you, and so do you. Allow yourself to be more relaxed and take it easy with your everyday commitments. Replace your strict character with playfulness and you will be a joy to yourself and to those around you.



The love birds will be the change agents in the area of partnership for you dear Gemini. Your heart has been like a time bomb lately, just waiting for the right moment. This is a big problem for you, as you are very emotional and find it difficult to control your emotions. You are already brimming with them and they will flourish during this period. Whatever it may be, it is very important for you to ensure emotional stability during this time. Get everything you want and lack. Fill the void (especially emotionally) and don’t wait for something to happen. Unfortunately, without your action, nothing will move in the direction you want. Instead of waiting, make a decision and take the reins of life into your own hands. You can allow yourself to open all the doors and windows and make a quality draft in your life, and give the intention to make room for the new whatever does not serve you. Once you have closed those same doors and windows, focus on action and take action. No action, no reaction.



Everything you have been thinking about lately is perfectly feasible and carefully planned down to the last detail. But know that ideas will only come true if they come from the depths of your heart. You are loving beings and bring a little more love into your garden of success and bless it with harmony. In this garden there is no room for doubt, revenge, pride or jealousy. The flowers of happiness bloom in the love and harmony of purity. This is where the energies of the full Moon will train you, so prepare for the exam and pass with flying colours to make you proud. But there is one more thing that is very important here. Don’t put obstacles in your way. Even if they do appear, they only want to test you to see how firm you are in your intentions. Replace mental overload with things that gladden your heart and fill it with tenderness. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The first visible fruits of your efforts will be visible in August. Be a friend to yourself and a confidant.



Loyalty is this month’s guiding principle for you, Leo. It is important for you to be true to yourself and your values and principles. Past experiences may have dented your confidence and self-esteem a little, but you are a lion. You may have neglected your inner voice a little because of the excessive noises of the outside world. The voice of your intuition. This moon will remind you, through dreams or the outer world, to connect more with yourself and your spiritual world, guides, angels, archangels. Don’t delay certain contracts, official documents, etc. Something is still pending in this direction and you should pay more attention to it and be more consistent about it. Take the inner compass and kiss it. Start acting on it. You are the leader of your own life and do not let others tell you what is good for you and what is not. Trust yourself and follow your intuition. With consistency, you will take power into your own hands and restore harmony to your life.



It will be crucial for you to meet a female person from your past who will give you clear guidance on your actions so far. Take this as a great gift. As a result, this meeting will make it easier for you to move on a particular circumstance. Something will literally be given to you, so take it with a great deal of gratitude. And remember, rolling up your sleeves and putting the gift back in its place can be a challenge. Visiting a public institution, meeting an authority figure, confronting a male figure will take courage and at times you may be afraid of the challenge. The energies of the full Moon only want to show you to learn to act in accordance with what you are given. And the key to the past, which you carefully keep “just in case”, is left alone or forgotten. Rather, focus your gaze and attention on what you can do today to make tomorrow more pleasant and enjoyable. I want to say that you should leave things from the past behind. Thank them for the experience and take it as a learning experience.



You will have the opportunity to learn what really makes you happy and what you need to give up for good. During this period, the energies of the full Moon will test you on all fronts. Don’t take this as a punishment or anything bad. The fluctuations you are facing are a constant reminder to finally start deciding for yourself and taking responsibility for yourself. You will experience these teachings most in business, career, legal matters. Opportunities will present themselves and take them as a gift. Before you start weighing and calculating, just ask yourself whether the circumstance, situation, thing, relationship makes you happy or not? Just be honest with yourself and make a decision based on that. Know that every decision is the right one. Some bring success, others learning. And that’s what art is all about. Start seeing the world around you through these eyes and trust yourself. Just be honest with yourself and discover the magic of taking responsibility for your life.



This Full Moon will bless you with everything you have been thinking about for the last four months. You have had great trials, and some of them have affected you deeply. Accept these experiences as a gift of life that make you stronger and more determined today. Be proud of yourselves. But there are still some things that you have left for last. The icing on the cake will be the emotional calm you feel when you have completed the last act and you know exactly what needs to be done. You have thought through every detail, you are ready for every action and now you are just waiting for that moment. Don’t jump the gun and wait patiently. You will sense when it is necessary to act, and then do so with great calmness in your heart. Visible results will be visible in April, and you should continue then. You can expect more emotional turmoil but it will pay off. Nurture your relationship with yourself and do things that calm you.



For you, dear Sagittarians, this Full Moon brings the conquests of the beauty of patience. You are considered an optimistic sign, and you will continue to be optimistic in the future. On the other hand, you are extremely impatient with the goals you set yourself, because you want to put them into practice yesterday. But unfortunately it is not. Everything in life needs time and a process to progress. The background energies are at work and accept that. During this period, you should rather focus on yourself and look inwards. Pay attention to your thoughts and what is weighing you down. Don’t run away from your responsibility towards yourself. Deal with all the fears and frustrations that have been very present lately. As a result, you are hostile. Most of all, to yourself. Why are you punishing yourself? Don’t do that to yourself, and instead offer a helping hand and friendship. Don’t run away from confrontation and talk to yourself. Give yourself the comfort, understanding and reassurance you need to take the best care of yourself. Praise more and reprimand less.



You have been diligently and resourcefully sailing the boat of happiness since last November. At one point, the energies of the full moon during this period will ask you, through circumstances, if you are happy? The double game you play with yourself will have to be crowned by moving forward. But unfortunately not in the same boat you are sailing in now. Know that something better and even more productive awaits you. It is up to you to stop and choose that same boat or beautiful sailboat to help you move the whole spiritual world, or let’s call it life. You will receive a message that will give you a green light of hope. If you want to see it, of course. You are still clinging to certain patterns and do not want to move with the flow of life. Maybe you don’t want to realise how special and capable you really are? You have the tremendous potential and all the knowledge and experience to take your life to a whole new level, and you will have all the support you need from life. When in doubt, replace it with action and life will respond to your step, providing you with the circumstances and people to help you embark on a whole new journey.



Will and courage are what the energies of the full moon will offer you through circumstances, situations or persons. You are considered a very innovative sign and are extremely determined in your intentions. But there is, or will be, some self-doubt and self-doubt, dear Aquarians. Where does it come from and what will you do about it? If you do some research and find out why, you will realise that some of your ways of doing things will have to change. Certain patterns have emerged that you may have forgotten about, and something will now have to be done about them. You will literally have to make changes, because you will not be up to the task. You are constantly demanding of yourself, and of others in your company. As a result, you are dissatisfied. Take more time to look for patterns that want to teach you to change and become a more loving being towards yourself. Self-love is not your virtue. But it has been very present recently. Activate your heart.



And Pisces will have the opportunity to accept gifts of all kinds. You have been somewhat industrious and for you this period is a time of giving. Accept all the gifts that life will give you. Some of you are eagerly awaiting these gifts and others are not even aware of them. But keep a calm mind, understanding and tolerance in your actions. Job fluctuations are a reminder to be more assertive and to act when you are presented with an opportunity for advancement. This will be a good period to build on existing business, create new jobs and sign contracts. In short, everything related to legal and service matters. On the other hand, nurture your relationship with your ego and let it be your friend. Some circumstances may “bite”, but be calm and don’t let them take the reins. Observe calmly and react. You will sense when it is the right time to stand up for yourself, and you will do it then.


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