Monthly Forecast MARCH 2022



The energies of March will encourage you to express your gifts and talents. It would therefore be advisable to take some time for yourself and your soul. Focus your free time and energy on things that bring you joy and feelings of joy and gladness. If you give in to inaction, you may encounter discontent, jealousy and excessive grumbling. Throughout the month, circumstances will push you from classroom to classroom, all with the intention of focusing on yourself and letting go of the things that drain your energy. Be honest and truthful in your actions. This is your key to success, to achieve everything you set out to do. You may be paying too much attention to one or more people around you who are having a negative impact on you. They give you “well-meaning” advice in words or actions, and it is your job to choose for yourself what resonates with you and your current circumstances. Don’t try to please others just to meet their expectations. You are the centre of your world and you give your best to yourself.



Taurus, you are considered to be very hardworking and industrious. But you are (or will be, in March) constrained in your efforts by an analytical mind. Constant thinking and ruminating can lead you into a vicious circle, and you won’t feel good about it. So do yourself a favour and give yourself the gift of freshness instead. Literally put it in your mind and focus on the novelties. The energies of March will be in your favour for new things, and it’s also a time of change. Start introducing them into your daily life and circumstances in a deliberate way, as you will do yourself a great favour. You have stopped and perhaps regenerated recently, which is good. Now the energies of spring are awakening, and you should take advantage of this wave for yourself and your projects. Put all your thoughts and reflections into things that will bring you the desired achievement, you know what that is for you. For some, a new job is on the horizon, for others, relationships are fresh again, and for others, there are opportunities to work with foreign countries. It is important for you to focus on the situation and invest your valuable time so that you start to see the results you want.



The inner battle you are fighting within yourself is the result of the doubts you have about your home and the people who live in it. Resolving patterns and family disagreements is a task that requires a great deal of courage and determination. If you feel fear at the thought of this, remember the feeling of being trapped that has been with you for some time. This is why this month is the ideal opportunity for you to address a subject that makes you feel powerless. But that is not really the case. It is only your illusion that holds you in its grip. Take a frank conversation with yourself as a starting point and then bring that honesty into other circumstances. You will realise that it was not so difficult to say how you really feel. In constructive conversations, strive to find solutions and avoid looking for more drama. Learn to express your feelings as you experience them. Setting boundaries and new foundations to build on is the key to your success. Be careful with your finances.



March will be an interesting testing ground for you to train your skills. Your charm, charisma and charm can come to the fore in achieving your goals in real estate, advertising, self-presentation. If you are embarking on new projects or have a desire to make drastic changes in your life, the energies of March support you in this. But be careful to think carefully before signing contracts or making important decisions. The fine print is “fine”, but it hides important information and you should pay close attention to it. Another area that will train you to be the master of your life is relationships. They have been taking most of your energy since the beginning of the year. You are probably wondering what to do? Toxic relationships distract you from your purpose in life, so they must be eliminated. If constructive conversation leads to appropriate action and visible change, then there is a chance that harmony can be restored. Otherwise, closure is the best solution. There are many negatives around you. Demand respect and love for yourself.



In March you will be supported by Mercury, which will stimulate your communication. You have no problem with that, because you are considered to be excellent rhetoricians. Accordingly, let your voice be heard and the desires you carry in your heart. It is important for you to believe what you are saying. Since last October, you have had the feeling that nothing is moving and nothing is happening, despite your hard work and diligence. This is only due to a lack of faith in ourselves and our steps. Don’t let that stop you. There are certain bonds as strong as chains that hold you and will not let you go. In reality, you are wearing these chains yourself, and you insist on doing what you want, even though you know it is to your detriment. These can be certain feelings from the past, relating to the past and the male person. Do yourself a favour and get rid of these self-imposed burdens once and for all. The word that will help you this month is drop. Learn to let go and start moving through life. Making changes will help you a lot and you should look forward to them and open the door to them.



If you think, dear virgins, that it can’t get any worse, it won’t. Everything that has happened up to today has happened and now there will be a period when you will turn over a new leaf in the book of life. Before you start writing a new chapter, think about everything that relates to you personally and to your life. Now is your chance to rebuild everything, and the energies of March will be extremely supportive. Innovation is your key to success. You have the perfect springboard to reset your circumstances and start afresh. Of course, remember that everything old has no place in this book, so focus on the new. Don’t look back on the past, it was a good teacher and thank it for its knowledge. Now focus on yourself and what you choose for yourself from now on. Who are the people you want to be around? Where do you see yourself in terms of your career path? What can you bring to yourself, to others? With whom and on what foundations will you build quality relationships? Find the answers to these questions and you will be in for some very pleasant surprises from the side of life.



You are considered to be indecisive but charismatic. But because you understand different points of view, March will train you to make the key decisions you will face. The career area in particular stands out. For those of you looking for a job or waiting for a reply, you have the chance for new beginnings. It is important for you to be active and to work towards the search. Don’t stand still. The dynamics of your actions will be reflected through your achievements and you have an excellent chance of achieving what you set out to do. Put your values, your views and who you really are at the forefront. Use the gift of speech to make a beautiful melody for the listener and use this as an attribute. Speak the truth and stand firmly behind it. On the way there is pleasant news from a female person and an invitation to an interview, a social gathering, a journey. However, something unexpected can happen here, so pay attention to the messages. Do something with them, as they will open the door to new possibilities. And solve problems with your feet by moving firmly along life’s paths and trusting yourself more.



Your thoughts determine the course of events in your life. So fill them with everything you want for yourself. During this period, pay attention to what you are thinking about and what you are sowing. Control is your attribute and you will not give it up. But know that life is a process and you cannot control it. To a certain extent, but it should be in balance. Also, pay attention to expression and “banter”, because the biggest banter turns out to be the stuff we banter about. So fill your mind with beauty, love and the goals you intend to realise. And you talk about all of this with a great deal of enthusiasm, respect and drive for realisation. Basically, this period will be a bit lazy for you, or. Spring tiredness will be upon you. There’s nothing wrong with that. Give yourself a rest, but pay attention to your thoughts and words. But know that everything you are already thinking about has the perfect basis to become a reality. It’s up to you what you choose for yourself. Make sure you get plenty of rest and don’t forget to keep up your water intake.



Optimism and courage will take you back into their embrace and you will enjoy it. In a sense, you have regained faith and hope through careful reflection, and things are starting to fall into place. And that’s what gives you the extra impetus you need for new ventures. You have a remarkable ability to achieve your goals because you are optimistic and approach everything with responsibility and purpose. The only thing the March energies want to remind you of is burnout. You are eager to do anything and everything, and that is not a good thing. If you don’t give yourself enough rest, your body will take it in its own way. You’d better take it yourself before you lie down. Otherwise, you are looking forward to progress in your personal, emotional and financial life. The answer is in the palm of your hand, and now you know that everything will be as you set out. Work to the best of your ability and take time out to rest and regenerate your body.



You have certain expectations of someone or something, and that makes you think a little bit. Something is supposed to happen, but it doesn’t move, stories start to be written, but nothing happens. Maybe someone warmed your heart and it stopped there too. There’s nothing wrong with that. Life knows what we need for personal growth at a given time, and you too see it all from a learning point of view. Keep an open mind to accept new things in life, but be firm in your own. Some things will happen, some will remain in the bag of “expectations”. All that is asked of you may be to be more assertive in your intentions and to accept for yourself what you really deserve. Don’t wait or expect others to deliver what you want. It is your responsibility to make every moment of your life better. Provide your loving heart with all that makes it happy and joyful and you will be better able to make the important decisions you will face this month. New beginnings lie ahead and you should look forward to them.



New things will begin to happen to you that bring you joy and gladness. This is especially true for your home and the people who live in it. We can talk about moving, buying, selling, renovating, adding a new family member. Perhaps this is the right time to turn your attention to your home, and to set a new level in it or connected to it. What is interesting is the fact that despite all the beautiful things around you, you still long for something and feel lonely. You are constantly looking and innovating, but it is not enough to be happy and content with what you have. If you are experiencing this, it is imperative to find out where it is coming from and why you are doing it? Maybe it’s a sample? Maybe it’s because of your hungry ego? Whatever it is, find out where it is coming from and why you are feeding on this feeling to the extent that you are harming yourself as a result. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy it. Rather, focus your thoughts on others and be at peace with yourself and with life.



You will be even more dreamy during this period. That’s because you do a lot of thinking and calculating about things you don’t really have to deal with. At some point, all this will lead you to feel a certain fear, and your mood will be affected. This fear will be due to a mindset about finances or work (education). If you are thinking of moving, move. If you are thinking about a new job, go for an interview and change jobs. Just do something with these thoughts. The headaches you will experience are the result of indecision. Back up your emotional sensitivity with ingenuity (which is your virtue) and understanding, and embark on new chapters in your life. The key for you is to sow the seeds of thought in real life, and only in this way will the fruit of what you want bear fruit. Replace fear with determination and courage and you will succeed by acting accordingly, of course.


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