In a way, the energies will push you to put yourself first. You feel that you are constantly running after someone or something, looking for that safe haven where you feel secure. Many of you will be shown, through circumstances or people, to find a sense of security, belonging, fulfilment, within yourself. As a result, some of you may experience feelings of deceit, betrayal, insincerity. Know that other people show us the attitude we have towards ourselves. So put your values first and don’t walk by yourself. Take time for yourself and have an honest conversation with yourself first. What you choose for yourself and what you don’t choose in the name of self-love. Then confirm this with action and let go of anything that limits you or makes you feel inferior. Put yourself first, and of course put a price on yourself. Don’t let an outsider put it on you. Awaken the fire for life within you and connect with your soul. It will show you your weaknesses clearly and ask it to guide you on the path of success, love and contentment.




You have been feeling anxious since the beginning of the year. Find out what you are afraid of. Maybe success? For your manifestation to take place, it is necessary to clear doubts, fears and remove all distractions that are blocking manifestation. In particular, you are preoccupied with toxic people and relationships that continually suggest their own doubts to you, and as a result you accept them as your own. Stop these invasive energies. Rather, ask your soul and your dear spirit guides to show you first what needs healing and understanding, and then work towards building faith and trust, first in yourself, in your choices. Then act. Some of you have already done this, others do it as soon as possible. Do not be afraid to swim in the river of life. Processes are inevitable, and allow them to transform. It won’t be easy. But the reward will be all the sweeter and you will enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Investing in yourself is the best investment! Those of you who act will reap the rewards of relationships, while others will enjoy material prosperity, new beginnings, jobs. Trust yourself and trust life.



The fluctuations that accompany you are a reflection of your inaction. It is as if you are somehow passively participating in the circumstances and allowing “what must happen” to happen. Therefore, the energies will teach you even more to take responsibility for yourself and to begin to live and face your circumstances more alertly and consciously. Difficult relationships, insomnia as well as to some extent hostility towards yourself will grow. Which is not good! Why are you angry with yourself? Why are you punishing yourself? Why do you have this attitude towards yourself? Find the answers to these questions and then do something about them. What can you change about yourself? Do this. A certain male person who is key in your life is showing you by his actions to look inside yourself and not to allow yourself to be manipulated. Remove that person from your circle, of course, but take his message as a lesson. If you continue to act in the same way, unpleasantness will happen one after the other. And not to punish you. It is only to learn to take the reins of life in your own hands and responsibilities.



What is most important for you is to keep your focus on your goals and their realisation. You have had some big breakthroughs before and now you have set clear goals and you are not deviating from them. And rightly so. It is important to express yourself a lot to keep the energy flowing in the throat chakra. Don’t push feelings, words or thoughts. Speak up, express yourself and stand by what you say. This way of acting will lead you to some miracle that awaits you. You may have had trouble making decisions in the past, but you made the right choice. Now you know exactly what you want, and keep doing it. The emotional fluctuations that occur are simply the result of the breaking of certain karmic, etheric or sexual bonds. So give yourself plenty of care, both on a spiritual and physical level. Invite the angels into your life and ask for their support and understanding. Give yourself words of comfort and nurture your relationship with yourself. You are on the right track.



But big changes are coming your way, literally turning points in your life. There will be drastic changes in all areas. Of course, it is up to the individual where exactly the old needs to end in order to open the door to the new. You will be extremely supported by the angelic realm during this period, so make a plan to connect with angels and archangels. Give them your heartfelt requests, and let them be backed up by a sincere intention. It’s up to you to act and to open yourself up to new things in a deliberate way. The first visible results will be visible in July. Some of you will get a new job, work with a foreign country, sign key contracts, or have a successful business deal. Your motto is innovation. But first, finish with the old, heavy and accumulated energy. Letting go is a process and you do it in a way that is loving for you. Start again. And don’t forget to open wide all the windows and doors to miracles and invite them into all your circumstances. Rejoice in life because you are seeing changes for the better.




Virgos, you have bravely ventured out into the world and that something that drives you and has motivated you is the real thing. Do not do anything differently from what you set out to do, because that is your true path! You have planned everything and everything is going “according to protocol”, and that is how it should remain. Maybe make sure you don’t get ahead of events or the process, and don’t do anything by force. You have a goal, you are on the right path and it should be peaceful. You will achieve what you set out to do, and don’t let that worry you. Those feelings that sway you a little are just a sign that you care and are committed. If possible, there should be no more than two people on the route. You and one other person. If you need further advice, ask for it before you go to sleep, so that it can be shown to you in your dreams. This is where the dear departed will be of the greatest help to you, and to them you turn for support in achieving what you have set out to do. Invite them into your life and allow them to support you.



What are you afraid of, dear Libra? You feel you need to step forward and make changes, but nothing from you yet. You are looking at all possible scenarios and none of them is the right one, is it? If it will help you to do so, look within and ask your heart. There you will come to the realisation that something needs to be put in place or. Change. Because you are already at the point where your physical condition is breaking down. All because you persist in something that you are clear has no progress. Do yourself a favour and listen to your heart. Remove that bitterness from your life and go your own way. It is not up to you to try and invest your energy and time in something that is not for you. This past is a heavy shackle that cuts your skin and drags you down. You have already done all you can and you are not bothering anymore. Rather, spend this energy on yourself and heal the heartaches and all the feelings that have been given to you but are not really yours at all. Allow yourself to live a new life. Do it yourself rather than let circumstances prepare the “ground” for you, which will be more difficult. Trust yourself more and show more will.



The best thing for you to do during this period is to focus on yourself. Somehow, you manage to distract yourself by being active so that you don’t have to deal with the feelings that are stirring up inside you. This is about an emotional void that has arisen as a result of an event. We can also talk about financial loss. Now you have taken all the blame and you are making a fuss about it. Ask yourself out of which emotion did you act or make a particular decision to get the result you got? Don’t chase too hard after everything you think has passed you by. Take on one thing, one project, finish it and then move on to another. But before that, welcome the feelings of dissatisfaction, lack, emptiness. You know very well that you are extremely capable of starting again. You have knowledge, enthusiasm and belief in yourself. Gather all your feelings and make a themed evening with them. Talk honestly about where they come from, who introduced you to them and why they have just appeared? Listen well and see them as a lesson, not a punishment. You will be amazed by what you will learn. But you have the potential to succeed in all areas, just be honest with yourself.



Sagittarians, you will have quite a difficult time. This is because you are being insincere with yourself and passing by all the signs that your beautiful soul is showing you. You are working hard at your job, helping everyone around you, and that’s a good thing. But you are running away from your feelings. You will have big tests, so it is high time to start looking at yourself. The feelings you are experiencing (hostility, jealousy, manipulation, doubts, fears) are the result of prolonged repression and running away from them. The key for you during this period is to let go of everything and to pay close attention to them and to compartmentalise them. You must understand that they will now be even more active and even more vocal. As a result, they put a strain on you and when you are alone you do a lot of thinking. Do something about it. Regular meditation, writing letters to these feelings, expressing them loud and clear. Let them tell you what is important to you. Just don’t push them and don’t walk past. Go to a workshop on the subject, read a book, whatever. Just do it for yourself. If you don’t take the reins yourself, circumstances will take your place, and that brings great lessons.



If you focus on yourself, your goals and your desires, May will be a great month for manifestation. The energies will support you in your steps, so boldly go on to the medal. It is important to express yourself in all your beauty and to follow the truth. And you have the recipe for the perfect manifestation. Fluctuations are also possible for you, but only to remind you of the action and new developments. Yes, you are in for a beautiful transformation in a peaceful way. So meditate, seek information. Magi and fairies will support you during this period, so make a plan to connect with them and ask for their support. Be precise and consistent in your actions. Don’t overlook the important little details that are part of the whole picture. Nurture your relationship with your inner child and feed it with everything that brings it joy, joy and joyfulness. Do things that give you pleasure, joy. As a result, this energy will be transferred into your circumstances, making it easier for you to act and achieve your goals. Go into nature and do a ritual there. Don’t forget to send your blessings to the magi, the fairies, the Earth.



May will be an interesting month for you. The energies will present you with a mirror of the truth of the relationship you have with yourself. And, by extension, to others. On the one hand, you will face challenges in the area of feelings, especially jealousy. On the other hand, it opens up the possibility of working with other countries. The intermediate factor is you. To get things going in the direction you want, you will need to pay close attention to the feelings that are blocking you. It can also be your actions and the attitudes you have. Something will have to change. The dissatisfaction that arises is a reflection of the failures of the past. But know that you can change all that. Approach the mirror of truth and ask it what you can redesign? Look into your heart through the mirror and you will get the answer. What you sow in your mind is reflected in the outside world. And you are great manifestors, so pay attention to what you sow in your heart and mind. You can change everything.



You will be completing certain things. You have reached, or will reach, the point where you will realise that this is no longer the way to go on. Three circumstances need your attention and, of course, appropriate action. Whatever you do, be active. It is important for you to give up everything that does not allow you to develop or. progress. Every act of courage will be rewarded accordingly, and think along these lines. Problems in the abdominal area or with your spine are caused by fears and burdens you carry. But are they really yours? You have accepted them, but there is no reason to do so. During this period, connect strongly with your soul and ask it to take the next steps. It will reveal to you the map of success and all the paths you are walking, so that all your potentials and talents come to life in your circumstances. The fear you feel is just a reminder to face it and look it in the eye. Trust yourself more and don’t lose faith. Equip yourself with courage and determination and you will realise how strong you really are and what you can do.


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