Monthly Forecast OCTOBER 2022



Aries, you will have an opportunity for personal progress in October. This will be most visible in Relationships. You have reached (or will reach) the point where you will ask yourself how your wellbeing and functioning influenced by certain persons? A strong desire for progress will be activated within you, and accordingly make certain changes in your life. You will be motivated by the people who will help you support the steps, and watch out for those who don’t want change. Your inner fire will be stronger from the excuses of those close to you who won’t want to follow you. It is very important for you to be focused on your goals, to act in accordance with the inner call of your beautiful soul. If you follow this call, Beautiful transformations await you. On the other hand, you will be provided with the circumstances to learn how to put putting yourself first. The obstacles you will face will give you an extra incentive to do more. Much more. You are extremely capable and use your gift of communication and your ideas, wishes, goals, present them to the world. Communication will be the key to October for you. Don’t let stagnate because of the inaction of those around them. Plant the seeds of success through your talents and gifts and build a solid foundation on which to build your future. Focus on yourself, on your career, your vision and trust yourself more.



Taurus, you will work hard in October. That’s because over the summer you were laying the foundations in the field of careers, and now the seeds of the effort will sprout. Some members of this sign job changes, promotions, successful contract signings, relocations. In your Act with sovereignty, honesty and clarity of expression. Stand up for your own values and show Taurus’ (healthy) “stubbornness” when minor disagreements arise over home, family. Someone your doesn’t like the way you operate and will try to undermine you. That’s why it’s important to set boundaries and fast action. There are also challenges for those of you who will be dealing with heritage or. real estate. Read all documentation carefully and don’t forget the small print. You may be offered trials manipulations, harsh words, and then activate your inner fire and the Bull’s tenacity and determination. For you it is important to be emotionally stable and not allow yourself to be disrespected in any way. What you will October will bring you great success in the years to come, so approach everything thoughtfully and trust your own intuition. Just as your heart is strong, let your voice be heard. October energies will be will be extremely supportive of your communication, so use it to your advantage.



Yay for relationships! Gemini you will be peeling back the scales of the past in relationships. October will be a blessing for you as you will have the opportunity to look inwards. You will literally look back at the past and at yourself held up to the mirror of truth. This will show you the challenges as well as the learning from your primary family. What remains are scars, unspoken words and certain fears. These are the ones that puzzle you the most, so come to them Pay enough attention to understanding how you and your neighbours work. What you are really looking for located within the village. So give yourself enough time, love and understanding this month so that things are sorted out, it is enough on your part to let go of the trivial things of the past, which are very you are severely hampered. It was, and it was on purpose. Now just accept the messages and the teachings and move on with your life. Do not remain prisoners of your own feelings. Open your the heart of life. Let go of hard-heartedness, resentment, what you have been told and so on. On the other hand, you will be extremely supportive of the angelic realm, and your dear angels cannot wait for you to ask for their support and Invite them into your circumstances. Rather, fill your heart and mind with their love and give yourself the possibility of promotion. They are just a thought away and you allow them to enter and support you in your daily life.



Cancers will enter the month of plenty in October. Of course, those of you who want to do this and are prepared to act in direction in life. It’s been a while since you set new goals, or at least flirting. You keep this secret inside you and keep it hidden from the public. October energies are for you are in favour of showing the courage to take that first step. As a result, you will be supported by life and you really are on the road to success. Whatever you do, you will of course do something towards your own progress, moving on from a particular situation, making a change. So keep your focus on your vision and the goals you have in mind and do what it takes to make them happen. Just do it. Use your ingenuity and fairy-tale reverie, and take on tasks with ease. Everything you do in this month, the result will be visible in November. If your visions and goals are long-term, greater success shows in May next year, and you will be very successful in doing so. Your guiding principle should therefore be to move through everything phases of life, and bring this inspiration for change into your circumstances too. It’s the freshness that gives you will give an extra boost. Fill all circumstances with it. It would be advisable to systematically connect with your beautiful soul and ask for guidance, and of course trust it completely. Explore your own gifts and talents and start expressing them. Soon!



On the left, you will face obstacles in terms of communication and self-expression. These barriers are yours your own and you set them for yourself, or your actions and expressions are influenced by a person who is very close. One or the other will not be very helpful. A good month ahead, which will be favourable to the innovations you so resist. But they are crucial for you. Those of you who are in a relationship and you find it difficult to express yourself in it, ask yourself what does this relationship bring you personally in the long run? If you have the person who influences your decisions or. accepting them, ask yourself where is the lion in you? Is it even alive and why did he decide to be a good kitten? For those of you who act in accordance with your own truth and honestly, no one has any influence on your decision making, you can rejoice. Joy bring you beautiful transformations from your soul side, which will manifest as newness in your life. Every man for himself knows what makes you happiest, so open yourself to receive abundance. If you have worked hard and put in the effort you will share the blessings of success. To make you even happier, more satisfied and more successful, support this an influx of success by using your hands, your knowledge and your wisdom to create something new. Someone new project, product, giving you peace of mind and stability. Keep focused on your goals and keep track a heartfelt purpose.



Virgos and Virgos it’s time for action. Some of you have made plans, and the foundations on which you build your path to satisfaction and success. For those of you who are still waiting for the right moment, don’t Wait too long, lest the right moment pass. Now is the time and October will want your acting quickly and making decisions that are relevant to your circumstances. Fluctuations with those you meet want you to pay attention to them and then take action. Now it won’t be opportunities to hide or operate from behind the scenes. On the contrary. Stand in the front row and make yourself clear and express it loudly. Everyone is a forger of his own luck and you were born under a lucky star, as they say. Of course, if you accept the fact about yourself that happiness is a matter of choice, and you are not an option for anyone. And with your actions will come rewards, and you should look forward to them. Above all, start appreciating yourself. Your time, your work, your effort. Take nothing for granted and do not allow others to take you for granted. Yours It’s a choice where you put yourself in life. Others will only respect it, so don’t put yourself and your efforts underestimate. The ideas that were “crazy” in May this year can be a good starting point for the future. Spruce up the picture a little, add enthusiasm and you have the perfect basis to make it happen your heart’s desire.



Libra, open yourself up to sociability and spend your free time in the company of those who provide you with joy, happiness and making you feel relaxed. October is a month of joy for you, and make the most of it, as cheerfully as possible. Take it easy with all your commitments, tasks and be relaxed in your action. This will make it easier for you to build on your successes and achieve your goals. The only thing that will challenge you is the attitude of a female person. You may be attaching more value to it than you actually do. This is because this relationship in arouses some fear in you. At this point, ask yourself who introduced you to this fear and taught you that it is respect for authority? It’s not yours. This female person is leading the game in the relationship and it is now up to you to learn that you have the right to make your own demands and lead your own life. Just remove it the label “authority” and you will realise that you have a living being in front of you. For those of you who are in the familiarisation phase with let go of expectations and give each other a chance to get to know each other better. Take off your pink glasses, and pay attention to whether your words match your actions. This will quickly give you a realistic picture of which will help you make further decisions. This also applies to business relationships. If headaches, migraines, dizziness, get more exercise or sports activities.



The obstacles and challenges you will face are of an emotional nature. But don’t see it as something unpleasant. All these stumbling blocks are given to us to learn something new about ourselves, about our how we act and perceive ourselves, and life. No one can “punish” us as much as we can we punish ourselves. Just why? But what if you look at everything, dear Scorpios, from the eyes of learning? What do you does a person, relationship, situation or circumstance teach you about yourself? Do not let these teachings take away your will, your courage, Faith. You are extremely emotional and you act like it. On the other hand, the extremely cautious, and consequently challenging. Relax and let go of control. Allow yourself to just be. Here and now. At this moment and enjoy it. It will be necessary to revise the relationship that is draining you of strength and exhausting you. No allow it, because no one deserves it. Find comfort and understanding in peace and silence. Please provide take time for yourself and connect with yourself, with your spirit guides, with your beautiful soul. Remove yourself from get outdoors, meditate, create, and spend more time on your hobbies. The beauty of life are hidden in small things, in the sensuality of the moment and in being at peace with oneself and with life. Accept live with an open heart, because life is always right.



October will be a crucial month for you, dear shooters. Things from far away will come to light of the past, certain events, situations, words that have shaped you, your growing up. At the forefront is the relationship with the father, so pay attention to that. It would be a good idea to make a planned decision and you can break down all the emotions, events and your relationship with your father. Do not glorify anyone. Our loved ones are ours the greatest teachers. Learn to forgive, to understand, to accept the teachings. No matter what, it is our responsibility, to embrace the past, understand it and take what is ours for ourselves. Understanding is the key. Everything we have taken from others is not our truth. We have only been taught to accept it as our own. Set your own and unlearn everything you have learned and know is not serving you. Identify old patterns that have caused you problems in the past, and give them up. Replace them with your own way operations and build a new one, or a new you. There are also challenges in the workplace and the problem will be Authority. For you, the person in the position. Careful when making decisions in a hurry, so as not to make indicted. If you are expecting a document, please do not be offended by the current content. It’s all solvable nature, and there is another option. Better.



A person is coming into your life who will change your heartbeat. This does not only refer to emotional area. This person is a gift of life to you and you deserve it. Maybe you already have this person by your side and you don’t even realise it. You will recognise it by its strong character and stubbornness. But for you this the person is not harmful, so there is no need to worry. It encourages you in your work and sees the potential of which you have and encourages you in life. And the energies of October will give you many good things through of that person. Even for those of you who don’t know it yet. Excellent business successes, achievements in this field are possible, promotions, bigger groups, new space, moving to a bigger and better environment for you. In short, everything you will want for yourself. You now have an excellent opportunity to make life changes and progress. Allow yourself to go beyond and set higher goals, higher standards. You’ve probably been very diligent in the past and now you’ll be receive these awards. The only thing that can challenge you is change, if you want it of course. On the old the way it works, it will be difficult to connect the new energy. So go to a new life, to a new place for you a new path. You will have a special honour and feel privileged. Learn to accept gifts and feel grateful and content. Accept the beauty of life that belongs to you.



Aquarians will learn patience in October. That’s because your analytical mind will was a problem during this period. As a result, overthinking, overthinking tired and feeling low on energy. You will feel exhausted. But this is your a decision because you tend to push yourself to the limit. Maybe you can stop for a moment and take time for peace. What your soul is really calling you to do is to spend more time on yourself. Dedicate a lot paying attention to the feelings you are experiencing because they want to communicate something to you. They want your attention. You are too hard on yourself. And, by extension, to others. The desire to prove oneself and be accepted by the surroundings are actually taking your energy. Stop and talk to yourself. Don’t look for faults in others and Acknowledge certain things, including failures, and don’t blame yourself for them. See from the other point of view, and ask yourself instead, what can you change and do differently now? Your responsibility is how you feel and how you accept yourself. Connect with your heart and feel the love in it. From this vibration you will achieve and create much more. Otherwise, you can fall into your own traps.



You too, dear little fish, can be prisoners of your own thoughts. Thinking about all that is beautiful and wishing hard for new things and a taste of happiness. On the other hand, you are not very inclined to make new moves. Now weighing up what to choose for yourself. A safe comfort zone or a new environment? At the moment, the most you need rest. That’s because your body is already warning you about burnout. Give him enough rest, healthy quality food, vitamins and minerals. In the meantime, consider new ventures and what makes you happy. We know that happiness is a matter of individual choice and responsibility, to secure whatever makes him happy. To persist in the old environment and long for happiness evokes feelings of dissatisfaction. It will be necessary to move and take the reins of life into your own hands. Re-organise yourself life, make choices and make a thorough commitment to a better tomorrow. Take advice from an elderly woman
male persons, from you. It is up to you to take the final decisions. Set new ones too standards, and don’t act as you have been. It will take a complete reversal of circumstances if you want to achieve desired. The good news is that you can do it all and have the support of your dearly departed. First rest and take care of your system, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you really Taking care of yourself actually brings you happiness in what makes you happy. And success.


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